Over € 7,000 collected from car and motorcycle enthusiasts for Istrina

Motorfest in aid of Istrina was organised on Thursday 13 December, by Ms. Susanne Fenech and Mr Gilbert Abela together with a team of volunteers and by a large number of car and motorcycle clubs.

During this annual event gathering, € 7,000 were collected from the enthusiasts that attended and from other sponsors. Her Excellence Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, President of Malta visited the event, thanked the organizers, all those who attended, and those who somehow supported this activity.

At the request of the organizers, during its visit the President presented three certificates of appreciation. The first certificate was presented to Mr Tonio Cini on behalf of the Malta Federation of Motorsport, the second certificate was presented to motorsports journalist Oliver Attard on behalf of the motorsport program motorsmt and his support to various motorsport activities, and the third certificate to Police Constable Simon Schembri that earlier in the morning was also awarded a national medal of Service to the Republic.