Over-85s to receive Covid-19 vaccine letter

Photo: Miguela Xuereb

Elderly people aged 85 and over and who still live in their own home should start receiving appointment letters for their coronavirus vaccination as from Monday, the health ministry said in a statement on Thursday.

The recipients will be informed about the date and place when they will be receiving the first and second dose of the vaccine.

The letters will be sent out on the address listed on their identity card. They will receive the vaccine at a centre close to their registered address.

Senior citizens who are bedbound or cannot leave their homes and are registered with Commcare will not receive their appointment as yet. Instead, the health authorities will be visiting these individuals in the coming weeks as arrangements are being made so that they receive the jab at home.

The health ministry urged elderly individuals who are registered with Commcare but can be taken to the closest health centre to inform the authorities accordingly by calling 145. Their appointment would be brought forward to a closer date in such cases.

Over-85s who do not receive the appointment until the end of next week are asked to call the health authorities then.

The ministry said it was conscious of the possibility that the health authorities’ list includes people who have since died and it was possible these would still receive an invite at their last registered address.

While apologising for this, the ministry appealed to their relatives to call on 145 to inform the authorities of the situation.

The first batches of the Pfizer-BioNTech arrived on Boxing Day ahead of the European-wide vaccination roll out. On Wednesday, the EU’s regulator gave its approval to the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine.