Updated: Over 200 migrants disembarked in Malta today

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Armed Forces of Malta rescued and disembarked a total of 271 migrants in Malta today.

It had originally been reported that 63 migrants had been brought to Malta this morning, with their disembarkation taking place around 8.20AM.

The AFM spokeswoman confirmed to Newsbook.com.mt that despite AFM’s initial statement, there were more migrants entering Malta.

In a statement, the Armed Forces explained that the immigrants were in a precarious situation on a boat within the Maltese rescue region. They were rescued by an AFM vessel. Then there was a further boat with 208 immigrants who were also rescued and divided between two AFM vessels and disembarked separately, a group of 61 and another 147. The second disembarkation took place around 10.30AM.

It is not known how many women and children on board, and if there were any in need of medical attention.