Over 600kg of cocaine seized in the past 6 months at Freeport


In the period between November of 2018 up until April of 2019, over 600kg of cocaine were seized by customs officials at the Freeport. It was estimated to have a total value of €68.6 million.

The largest batch was seized on 20th March of this year, where €32 million worth of cocaine were found in 12 containers at the Freeport. The containers were dispatched from South America, and were intended for destinations in other European countries.

These ranged from Albania, Greece and Cyprus as well as a reported case of the Middle East back in February 2019.

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Customs officials stated that the work being done is a collaboration between  the Customs Department, the Police, and the Freeport authorities. This collaboration is a determining factor in making the Freeport one of the most secure ports in the region.

The European Centre for Monitoring of Drugs and Drug Addiction states that cocaine is one of the most commonly found illegal drugs in Europe. It comes second to Cannabis as the most seized drug in Europe.

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