Over 5,600 potential UK beneficiaries apply for new residency document

Miguela Xuereb

Over 5,600 potential UK citizens have applied for their new residency document.

In its reply to questions by Newsbook.com.mt, Identity Malta said that 5,600 potential UK beneficiaries have applied for their new residency document and the agency will continue to assist UK beneficiaries accordingly over the coming weeks.

Identity Malta had reached out to all potential UK beneficiaries living in Malta. Applications for the new residency documents as provided for in the EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement, were accepted as early as 17 February.

The agency explained that an online informative campaign was held followed by the distribution of pamphlets containing information about rights and application process to potential British nationals living in Malta.

Identity Malta has also been working closely with the British High Commission in Malta in order to facilitate the application process. Further it said that prior to the outbreak of coronavirus in Malta, the agency participated in town hall meetings.

The agency has also allocated personnel to run an after-hours evening service which targets specifically potential UK beneficiaries who are applying for their new residency card.

Identity Malta told Newsbook.com.mt that the application process for those UK nationals who were in possession of a valid residence document prior to Brexit day was staggered. However, all localities will be called by 22 November. Those who have not yet applied for their new residency card can do so by 30 June 2021.

The evening service will be available until 18 December 2020.