Over 53m passengers used Maltese public transport in 2018 – Minister

Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Ian Borg launches the 'Maltese Bus Reborn’ concept

Malta saw over 53 million passengers using Maltese public transport last year, almost double the number reported 7 years before, the Transport Minister said.

The Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Ian Borg, said that 53.5 million passengers were recorded using Maltese public transport in 2018.

That was ‘almost twice the passengers using the service in 2011,’ the Minister said.

The announcement about passengers numbers came as the Minister launched a new concept design for Maltese buses entitled the ‘Maltese Bus Reborn’.

The concept presented by Architect Jonathan Mizzi and the Mizzi Studio, merges a traditional design of the Maltese bus that is environmentally friendly.

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‘It is a concept that brings together something very nostalgic for us Maltese and something we are looking at for our future – sustainability, alternative means, electromobility. I commend Architect Mizzi and his team for this impeccable design joining culture and progress and I hope that in the future this design can be tangibly realised. We look forward to more progress in this sector for a service that is always better and always more sustainable, while reiterating our commitment as a Government towards more investment and incentives so that more and more people consider public transport as their preferred means of transport,’ the Minister said.

Minister Borg also told the audience at the Triton Fountain Square last night that the Maltese bus fleet has now reached 440, with the addition of 40 new buses in August.

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Architect Jonathan Mizzi told the audience that his team had been working on the concept for the past 7 years and it had been a way of recognising Malta’s industrial heritage, not simply the country’s architecture heritage.

‘The buses formed part of an infrastructural network that spanned our whole nation, they were the lifeline that fuelled our connectivity across every arterial road. They brought so much colour and joy to our roads as each colour denoted its own route. And this why they were such a vibrant symbol of our Maltese craftmanship loved not just by our people but also by our tourists. My studio and I have worked very hard over 7 years to capture the essence of our diverse bus fleet into a singular design that unifies the most common genetic features of them all fusing them with the functionality of the latest technology in transport. It’s fitting that we are here today at the site of our old bus terminus to exhibit this new concept. On behalf of my whole team at Mizzi Studio and all of our partners I would like to thank Minister Ian Borg for endorsing our concept and look forward to seeing our country move forward in a manner that stays true to ourselves whilst holding hands in harmony with our environment.’