Over 40,000 requests for refund, rebooking or vouchers – Air Malta

Photo by: AirMalta

Airmalta was inundated with requests for refund, rebooking or vouchers to the point that it had to employ additional resources to handle over 40,000 requests after the national airline had to cancel over 5,000 flights.

It said it hopes that the new flight schedule commencing on July 1 would offer more people the opportunity to fly.

“Over 40,000 requests for refund, rebooking or vouchers were received by the Air Malta as the national liner was inundated reaffirms its commitment towards its customers Air Malta confirms its full commitment towards its customers and reiterates its promise to honour all requested refunds and process any of the three voucher options selected by customers that can be used on future flights,” it said in a statement.

“The closure of most airports, with the consequential sudden stop of most of revenue from ticket sales, was not a scenario the aviation industry in general ever envisaged. Air Malta, like many other airlines, is offering several refund options to ensure the sustainability of all the stakeholders in the travel distribution chain and facilitate the requests of customers,” it added.

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