Over 4,000 persons suffering from epilepsy; “Remove the stigma” – President Vella

Credit: Pierre Sammut

During a conference focusing on a pictorial guide to epilepsy, President George Vella stated that with over 4,000 patients currently suffering from this condition, we should do all we can to remove its stigma.

President Vella was addressing an audience comprising NGO representatives and stakeholders present for a conference of ‘EPIPICTO: a pictorial guide to Epilepsy’, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. The conference was co-ordinated by advisor to Caritas Malta Epilepsy Association Prof Janet Mifsud.

Speakers included Minister for the Family, Children’s Rights and Social Solidarity Michael Falzon, Mgr. Fr Charles Cordina from Caritas Malta, and President of Caritas Malta Epilepsy Association Frank Portelli.

In his address, President George Vella thanked Caritas Malta Epilepsy Association for this initiative and said how Erasmus+ is making projects like these possible. With some 4,000 patients in Malta having this condition, the President said that even a single case of epilepsy should make us give all we can to make that person’s life better.

The President noted how although there are various types of epilepsy, many forms of epilepsy are controllable. He commended the aim of EPIPICTO for having developed a pictorial guide in different languages for persons with epilepsy in marginalised communities that will help both epileptic persons and society, communicate better with each other.

President George Vella concluded by saying that we should do all we can to remove the stigma from this condition, and thanked Caritas Malta for the excellent work it is carrying out in this regard.

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