Over 370,000 guests in rented accommodation during first quarter of 2019

The actual proposed development for the Corinthia hotel. Credit: Corinthia Group

In the first quarter of 2019, NSO statistics have shown that the total number of guests in collective accommodation establishments amounted to 372,210 people.

During the same period, the total nights spent in rented accommodation numbered almost 1.7 million.

The largest share of guest nights was reported in 4-star hotels, accounting for 904,043 nights (53.3%). March reported the highest number of nights rented in 2019 up till now; however, it still falls short when compared to that of 2018. Total guests and nights spent in Gozo and Comino in the first quarter also decreased by 8.6%, amounting to 14,835.

Credit: NSO

Total guests and nights spent in collective accommodation establishments during the first quarter of 2019 decreased by 6.4% and 8.2% respectively when compared to the corresponding quarter in 2018. The average length of stay in collective accommodation establishments stood at 4.6 nights.