Over 26,000 part-timers also hold full-time jobs

There were 26,759 registered part-timers who also held full-time employment in April 2018, according to the National Statistics Office. Meanwhile, female full-time employment has seen a larger increase than male full-time employment at 8.7% and 5.5% respectively.

In the above mentioned time period, there was an increase of 6.5% in registered full-timers, with a smaller increase of 2.3% when it comes to part-timers who rely on that job only. The labour supply over the last year has seen an increase of 203,633 people (excluding part-timers), which resulted in a direct decline in registered unemployment.

While those part-timers holding a full-time job increased in numbers to just over 26,000, or 8.8%, there was another increase in the number of people whose part-time job was their primary occupation. The amount of people falling under the latter description was 35,118, showing an increase of 2.3% since the previous year.

Find full graphs and figures here. All administrative data for this report was provided by JobsPlus.