Over 200 weddings postponed due to Covid-19

At least 201 weddings have been postponed or cancelled due to the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic, Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri revealed.

In response to a parliamentary question by newly-elected Labour MP Ian Castaldi Paris, Camilleri noted that while he was not in a position to give the full number, 201 couples had to reschedule their wedding after publishing the banns of marriage. The marriage banns – a tradition deriving from the Roman Catholic Church – are the public announcement of an impending wedding, with the aim of enabling anyone who may raise any legal impediment to the marriage taking place to do so and prevent it from taking place.

Couples who plan to marry are obliged to publish the banns no earlier than three months before their wedding, and no later than six weeks before.

A fee needs to be paid to request the publication of the marriage banns, but Camilleri said that no additional fees would have to be incurred by couples who have had to postpone their marriage because of the pandemic.

“At least we can spare them a small part of their worries,” the minister said, whilst acknowledging that the affected couples would have faced a lot of difficulties as a result of the forced postponement of their wedding.

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