“Our target remains the PA not the Police” – Moviment Graffiti

Moviment Graffiti

Moviment Graffiti issued a press release on Saturday in which they thank all those that have supported them in the past days and reiterated that they are not against the Police but against the “offensive behaviour” of the Planning Authority.

They are urging everyone to keep their focus on the unreformed Fuel Service Station Policy, which allows large parcels of land to be developed into fuel stations on ODZ land. According to the Moviment Graffiti the Planning Authority ignored not just the public outcry but also the authorities. They are very concerned at the massive power that developers have in Malta at the detriment of the environment threating the future of our islands.

Moviment Graffiti were very surprised at the messages of support that they received following their “act of peaceful civil disobedience” on Thursday and will keep their stand and commitment to defend Malta from the greed of speculators.