Osorno prelate optimistic Archbishop Scicluna will solve everything

Archbishop Charles Scicluna and father Jordi Bertomeu, Special Vatican envoys, and apostolic nuncio in Chile Ivo Scapolo deliver a news conference in Santiago, Chile June 12, 2018. REUTERS/Rodrigo Garrido

The new Apostolic Administrator of Osorno, Father Jorge Concha said the arrival of Archbishop Charles Scicluna in Chile will put “everything in its place”.

Mgr. Charles Scicluna and Mgr. Jordi Bertomeu, Pope Francis’ special envoys in Chile, returned this morning to continue their mission in relation to sexual abuse by several clergymen.

Father Jorge Concha is in charge of the Diocese of Osorno, after yesterday the Pope accepted the resignation of three Bishops, among them Archbishop Juan de la Cruz Osorno Barros Madrid.

Barros Madrid is the center of this controversy because he was accused of concealing abuse of minors committed by charismatic priest Karadima.

What does Archbishop Scicluna’s visit mean?

Fr. Concha said the arrival of Archbishop Mgr. Scicluna and Mgr. Bertomeu means “an important step in a long process”.

However, stressed that there is hope that it would lead to reconciliation and things fall in their place.

The Apostolic Administrator said that Archbishop Scicluna “will tell us important things and will present concrete ways on how to overcome difficulties”.

He is also expected to meet with the Pope’s representatives, to draw up a solution plan.

They will start their work in Santiago which will last two days. Then go to the south of the country to continue the investigation.

Will the Pope accept the resignation of more Chilean bishops?

Meanwhile, Mgr. Bertomeu said that they are going to make an apology on behalf of the Pope.

According to the T13 site, Bertomeu declined to say whether the Pope will accept more resignations of bishops, after three yesterday.

Last month 34 bishops offered resignation to the Pope after the report prepared Archbishop Charles Scicluna based on his first visit to Chile.

It was also reported that Barros left the Chilean city at 9am and left only a letter in which he said humbly apologised for his limitations and for what he failed to do. However, he made no reference to the charges.