Opposition supports the Government on Aquarius Saga

Leader of the Opposition Adrian Delia declared in Parliament, his support to the Maltese
Government over the immigration situation in the Mediterranean.

He was responding to the Prime Minister's statement on the issue of the vessel Aquarius.

Delia said the Opposition not only supports the Government but is ready to go to the EU to
defend the Maltese interests as one voice.

Spain offered to take the 629 migrants aboard Aquarius, which was located between Sicily
and Malta, around 55km away from Malta.

In Parliament, Delia said that these are delicate situations which involve the protection and
dignity of human life in observance to international law.

He said the country must be ready to provide assistance so that no loss of life occurs.
The Opposition will also be active in the European context to ensure the obligations of other
countries are respected and carried out.

Once again, he invited the Government to act together in the European Union to have a
strong, united voice in favor of the Maltese interests.