Opposition is inconsistent; EU is approving of our economic model and migration is being tackled – Muscat

Joseph Muscat

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Prime Minister and Partit Laburista (PL) leader Joseph Muscat called the Opposition inconsistent during his Sunday morning contribution on his party’s radio station.

Muscat also criticised the resignation of Opposition representatives from the boards of the Planning Authority and the Lands Authority in the past days.

Marthese Portelli resigns from Planning Authority Board

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He said that the Opposition is inconsistent in its position regarding institutions and the Law Courts, which is different every week.

In his words, the Opposition used to complain that institutions are being hijacked by the government. Now their representatives are resigning from these institutions to hold the government responsible.

The Prime Minister added that when it comes to the Law Courts, the Opposition praises decisions when they are in their favour and lambasts them when rulings are taken against them.

The EU Commission economic forecast

Muscat remarked Malta is expected to have the second largest economic growth with the EU members states in the coming years.

EU forecasts strong economic growth for Malta

He said that the EU Commission is validating the government’s economic plan. This economic plan includes the eradication of poverty, a better quality of life, increased work opportunities, better salaries, and an extended array of social services amongst others.

The Prime Minister also addressed the need to discuss the difference in pay between genders. He stated that salaries within the public sector are practically equal. Situations in other sectors have to be analysed so that equal renumeration becomes a reality.


Muscat mentioned the number of agreements that Malta has made with other EU members states in relation to migrants. He said that the government is observing its obligations in the internationals sphere.

He also mentioned how three different groups of migrants have been reallocated to three different countries in the past week.

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