Operations and tests cancelled until further notice

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Operations that are on the waiting list at Mater Dei Hospital have been indefinitely postponed. This is one of the 219 directives that Union Ħaddiema Maqgħudin (UĦM – Voice of the Workers) has ordered in an industrial action that has started on Wednesday.

Allied Health Professionals (AHP) has been instructed not to take blood samples or X-Rays unless it is a case of medical emergency.

Breast and Colon screening tests are also being cancelled, as only those doing the tests for the first time can be sure that their appointment will be confirmed.

UĦM Health Services Section Assistant Director, Gian Paul Gauci explained all this to Newsbook.com.mt. He added that those that have complaints on the directives should call the Office of the prime Minister’s hotline and complain there, as “the authorities are to blame that these professionals do not have representation.”

Why these directives?

UĦM explained that they represent 58% of the AHPs. Notwithstanding this, the union is still not being recognised as their union even though such recognition is acquired with a 50%+1 majority.

Given the lack of recognition that is issued by the government, UĦM cannot represent the AHPs.

Recognition is issued by the government.

Who are these directives for?

Directives are set to be followed by radiographers, biomedical scientists, physiotherapists, speech language pathologists and occupational therapists that work at Mater Dei Hospital, Gozo General Hospital, St. Vinvent De Paul and health centres.