“Only one of the 18 storks still alive” – BirdLife Malta

Out of the flock of 18 storks, only one stork was still alive according to BirdLife Malta. The non-governmental organisation claimed that 17 birds might be dead. Two hunters have already been arraigned in court accused of killing six storks.

BirdLife Malta said that the Police, the Wild Birds Regulation Unit (WBRU) and the Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS) on the best ways to protect the last bird. Discussions also include the possibility to relocate the stork outside Malta.

Previously the FKNK hunters’ federation blamed the killing of the storks on the European Commission.

BirdLife Malta claimed that the FKNK had lost control over its members, an allegation which by the Federation.

A flock of 18 storks had arrived in Malta less than two weeks ago.