Only nurses get fried in court – MUMN


The Malta Union of Midwives and Nurses (MUMN) said that in the recent case where a nurse was found guilty by the court and fined for lack of or improper supervision of a patient, the ‘small fish’ were being made to pay. The MUMN said that “The case was a scenario of shame to the justice system. The Forensic Unit was found to be so sub-standard, as regards to the health and safety of the prisoners, that it was described by the Magistrate as an “Execution Chamber”. Yet the Director responsible for the Forensic Unit was not taken to court by the Police Inspector, as would have been expected, but ONLY the nurse was taken to court and fined heavily”. The MUMN said that this was indeed objectionable as the top brass was not involved by the police.

Obey directives said MUMN

Currently, MUMN said that it has directives in Karin Grech Hospital (KGH) since in KGH the management has lost all control of the situation with even the Allied Health Professionals are ordering supervision on the nurses and no additional carers are being provided. “Needless to say, that Steward Health Care and the Health Division are more interested in financial savings then the welfare of the nurses and patients concerned,” said MUMN.

Mater Dei Hospital (MDH) is also lacking in providing additional carers and if such a situation persists, MUMN will have to add to the current directives. Carers for constant watches are needed more than ever and an acute hospital such as MDH is not ordering enough carers to cover all constant watches in MDH. MUMN would be appealing to MDH management to rectify and resolve the situation which although has improved, is periodically failing to provide the necessary number of carers for supervision.

It is clear from the court sentences issued from a number of court cases, that the Police force has a direction to go against the nurses when lack of supervision takes place said MUMN. Supervision which has now been defined by the Magistrate in yesterday’s sentence as being “an arm‘s length from the patient”. The system or the CEO or top management are never implicated in any court cases even when additional carers were NOT provided. It is important to adhere to all directives issued especially the nurses in KGH since ultimately it is the nurse which is being fried in court, concluded the union.