‘Only humane methods of pest control should be allowed’ – PD

Partit Demokratiku

Partit Demokratiku said that no effort should be spared to avoid unnecessary pain and distress, explaining that ‘only humane methods of pest control should be allowed’. In a statement on Sunday, the PD said that it will speak up for the betterment of animal welfare in Parliament during the upcoming debates saying that they are for the amendments which PD described as positive in favour of the protection of animals.

PD deputy leader and Sliema local council candidate Timothy Alden said that the methods that inflict an inordinate amount of suffering on pests should be outlawed, citing glue traps as an example. The PD deputy leader said that cases of animal abuse need to be penalized and the relevant laws need to be strictly enforced.

Head of Animal Welfare policy group and Birkirkara local council candidate Mark Zerafa observed that while Malta has some strong animal welfare laws it lacked serious enforcement. The Birkirkara candidate said that the party viewed animals as sentient beings, perceptive to pain and other emotions.