Online petition appeals to UK authorities to help Sea-Watch 3

A petition is doing the rounds online for the rescued migrants stranded at sea on the Sea-Watch 3 to be allowed to disembark.

Tegan Hill started an online petition appealing to the UK Parliament and Foreign Affairs Minister Jeremy Hunt, along with the Secretary of State Sajid Javid to intervene and provide the vessel with assistance. She also asked for them to act in order to find a port allowing them in.

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She said that she knows a volunteer names Robin Jenkins who is currently on the vessel. He reported that there is not a single port in Europe allowing them in, explaining that the migrants are sharing stories of slavery, exploitation and violence they suffered in Libya. He added that they have limited resources. Philip Hahn, Sea-Watch 3’s Head of Mission explained that the adverse weather is making already weak people weaker.

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In fact, on Twitter, the Sea-Watch Mission reported that until yesterday people were refusing food, showing their psychological and physical deterioration. This morning however updates show that the migrants are eating again, but it is their 18th day of facing the Mediterranean sea’s adverse conditions.

The petition explained that the vessel is still at sea, and it needs help since European countries aren’t opening their ports. Hill said that, apart from adults, there are two children, an infant, and three unaccompanied minors. She also reiterated that the weather is doing nothing to help their condition.

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Malta did not accept the migrants; with Prime Minister Joseph Muscat insisting that Malta should not be made to “carry weight that isn’t its own”; calling for European countries to pick up the slack, rather than letting Malta take the brunt alone.