“One should be strong willed with what is right” – Auxiliary Bishop

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The Auxiliary Bishop, Joseph Galea-Curmi, advised St Aloysius’ students to be strong willed when choosing what is right. The Auxiliary Bishop was celebrating mass at St Therese Sanctuary Church with students attending St Aloysius College.

The Auxiliary Bishop urged the students not to seek approval or let themselves be influenced by their peers, or compare themselves to others, arguing that even when others differ in opinion one should seek to live with determination and is not afraid to show what they believe in and choosing righteousness.

Mgr Galea-Curmi urged the students to be generous like Aloysius of Gonzaga, who had nursed plague victims when the deadly disease broke out in Rome. Galea-Curmi explained that St Aloysius would work with the sick, carry the dying from the streets into a hospital, washed and fed them and prepared them to receive the sacraments. He said that one would find their life fulfilment only when they live for others.