One of Us Federation to launch Cultural Platform Europe

Credit: One of Us

The European Citizens Initiative, One of Us, is set to gather in Paris for the launch of its new European Cultural Platform this weekend.

The event will bring together the 40 member organisations of the One of Us European Federation, existing in 19 EU countries, along with a think-tank made up of 150 European thinkers.

Taking stock of the proposals put forward in the organization’s manifesto, the Cultural Platform will seek to understand how to exercise these and analyze the ethical problems affecting Europe’s social future as well as ways to counter and avoid them.

This will be part of the wider discussions where a mix of philosophers, historians, doctors, lawyers and intellectuals, will explore how to renew Europe, ensuring that human dignity is important and valued with the EU’s laws and political actions.  These discussions will be accompanied by expert talks.

Mr. Jaime Mayor Oreja, President of the One of Us Federation, former Minister (Spain), and former Member of the European Parliament, will be leading the event.

One of Us has been operating since 2014 and has been focused on the protection of human dignity and life at the vulnerable stages of life and during illness.  It brings together nearly all organisations focused on pro-life and pro-family issues across Europe.

The organisations’ most successful initiative has been their campaign to stop the destruction of human embryos, where they received nearly two million signatures.

This initiative brings together almost all of the pro-life and pro-family organizations within Europe and have been, until now, the most successful initiative in number of signatures collected (2 million) and in number of countries.