On the poignancy of meeting Daphne’s family – Commissioner Jourová

European Justice Commmissioner Věra Jourová recalled to Newsbook.com.mt her emotional meeting with the Caruana Galizia family. She described this meeting as one of the most moving moments of her life. When she was being interviewed in Brussels, Věra Jourová spoke of the June visit to Malta where she had honoured murdered journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia’s grave with a wreath.

Věra Jourová said that in that poignant moment, her soaring emotions were paralleled by her steely wish to get a move on the investigations into who ordered her death. She said that while the arrests were a positive thing, “…it was obvious that these were just the material executors of the act, not those who ordered or paid for the killing”.

Věra Jourová said that the Maltese authorities had assured her that they will be doing all that is possible to find out who ordered the killing. But, a year after, Jourová observed that we are still as much in the dark now on who commissioned the killing as we were then “…but I still hope we’ll manage to catch them”

I offered help to the investigators

Commissioner Jourová said that in her meetings with the Maltese Government she offered the help and the resources of two major EU agencies: Europol and Eurojust. She said that this was a practical thing to do, since all EU countries may avail themselves of these agencies.

She explained that Eurojust is very well equipped to investigate cross-border criminality if it transpires that the killing was ordered by persons outside Malta. Jourová said that as in past cases, specialised teams had been set up by these agencies, and the result had been top-notch investigations to catch who ordered the killing.

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In a 20 minute interview, Jourová was interviewed by Beppe Galea on the FIAU, the IIP scheme to sell Maltese passports and hence a stepping stone to Europe and what the EU is envisaging on how to regulate this scheme.  The Interview will be uploaded on Newsbook.com.mt.

Transcript of interview


Within just over a month and there would be the anniversary of the murder of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia. I know you have condemned these actions and you have gone so far as putting flowers on her grave in Malta.

Is the Maltese state doing enough to uncover the real perpetrators according to our viewers?


When I was in Malta yes I was putting the flowers and I met the family. It was one of the most touching moments in my, maybe life not only political career.

The more I was touched by the case, the more I wish that the investigations proceed well because when I was in Malta, there were three people detained and it was quite obvious that probably they were the executers but not those who ordered and paid for it.

And the Maltese authorities gave me their assurance that they will do their best to find the perpetrators those who ordered the murder.

After a year, we still don’t know who was behind that I still hope that they will manage to get them.


Have you followed up on those discussions? Are you pushing for any type of action or actions?


Not pushing, but I offered the Maltese investigators the full availability of the two European agencies, Europol and Eurojust, which is a very practical thing to use their potential and their service because the murder, in case it had some international connections, a cross-border scope, Eurojust is very well equipped for investigating these cross-border criminal offenses. They can create high quality investigation teams which already helped many member states in discovering the perpetrator’s.

I wasn’t pushing, I was offering and I think there was some corporation but I don’t know the details.

You know I cannot know the details of the investigations. I only share with the Maltese people and the family of Madame Caruana Galizia, the strong conviction that the perpetrators must be punished.


But did the Maltese government reject these offered or were there any follow ups from the Commission?


I don’t know the recent developments. When I was in Malta it was taken with thanks and there was already some contact with Europol before that.