Oldest person from Valletta turns 101

Mary Carmela was born in Valletta on the 5th November 1919.

elderly birthday

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Research to find the oldest man and woman in Valletta was done by the sub-committee for the elderly, within the Valletta local Council, led by the deputy Mayor Ray Azzopardi. 

Mary Carmela Schembri has been identified as the oldest woman from Valletta at the age of 101.

Mary Carmela was born in Valletta on the 5th of November 1919. She always lived in Valletta and only went to live in a home for the elderly last year.  Mary Carmela was married to Joseph Schembri and they had three children John, Eric and Maria.  She worked with the British services before she got married, then she dedicated her life to her family.  Every day she likes to read the daily newspaper.

On this special occasion, Azzopardi paid a courtesy visit to Mary Carmela.  He also presented her with a memento for this occasion together with flowers.

The Deputy Mayor emphasised the importance of taking care of our elderly. “We should respect them and learn from their experiences,” he said.

This activity was organised by the collaboration of the Sub-committee for the Elderly, her children and the very dedicated staff of Casal Nouvo.  All health measures were followed.