OHSA warns of deceitful promotion of safety training programme


Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

A private training service provider is providing architects and other professionals in the construction industry with incorrect and misleading information, in an apparent attempt to solicit custom.

The Occupational Health and Safety Authority warned that the service provider is alleging that a skills card will become a mandatory requirement for all construction sites. In their email, the service provider said that specific training is required to acquire the card, and that a fine is being imposed under OHS legislation. Recipients were then urged to contact the service provider to apply for this training.

The OHSA clarified that it was not involved in the safety cards system, which was an initiative of the Building Industry Consultative Council administered by the Building and Construction Agency. It also highlighted that a legal notice the service provider quoted to back their claims that fines would be imposed in no way referred to the safety cards.

The authority noted that the OHSA Act required training to be site and task-specific, and that the safety card did not fully satisfy training obligations.

“Whereas OHSA is fully committed towards ensuring higher levels of occupational health and safety at work, including in the construction industry, and whereas it fully supports all initiatives intended to raise awareness, it cannot in any way condone any action based on false information or deception. The contents of the message (in all formats sent) are deceitful and should be ignored by the recipients,” OHSA CEO Mark Gauci said.