“Oh well, it can’t be helped” – the accused in Simon Schembri’s case

The 17-year-old who ran over Police official Simon Schembri, and then dragged him for several metres causing him grevious injuries, said “oh well, it can’t be helped” after being told that he could have killed him.

The young man is being accused of attempted murder, along with 46 other charges, of the police official who lost his right arm. He has already been arraigned.

This morning in court, the number of accusations increased to include hit and run, driving the Mercedes in question without insurance, and having a false number plate. The defense lawyer said that due to the fact that the proceedings were starting anew, he would be requesting bail once again. The request was denied.

Magistrate Joe Mifsud heard how the control room police official listened to Schembri asking for the accused’s license, and how the young man drove off.

The Prosecution brought forward a number of police officials involved in the arrest to testify. This is where one of the officials told the accused that he could have killed Schembri, to which he gave his chilling response: “oh well, it can’t be helped”.

The other police officials remarked that the accused didn’t seem sorry for his actions. They also talked about the terrible injuries Schembri suffered, amongst them the arm he lost and the visible rib bones.

The Prosecution also remarked that when arrested, the accused did not have any taser marks.

A doctor testified to say that had there not been immediate intervention, Schembri would have lost his life.

The case continues tomorrow and Simon Schembri will testify next month.