Officials on their way to assess Sea-Watch 3 situation

Two boats have been dispatched to help the 32 migrants, afloat on Sea-Watch 3 for the 14th day in the middle of the Mediterranean sea. The boats were dispatched by Sea-Watch and Mediterranea, two humanitarian orgainsations.

Sea-Watch 3 has issued a call for help requesting food and other material necessities. It has also said that the crew needs to be relieved. Meanwhile, Church and German government representatives went on the rescue boats to assess the situation and report to the German government. The German government has yet to reply to the people who have said that they are willing to give these souls shelter. The situation is also being monitored by Italian and German press.

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Commissioner Avramopoulos calls on Member States to provide support

Sea-Watch  tweeted that Palermo, Leghorn and Naples would like to accept the stranded souls but the Italian government is refusing entry. They referred to the Naples situation in particular where the Mayor permitted entry, warning Home Affairs Minister Matteo Salvini that if the Sea-Watch 3 was forbidden entry, 20 ships would berth alongside it.