Official transcripts allege fraud from OPM official

Several customs stamps lying on an open passport

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

In Court a 94-page document, containing personal notes, copies of articles and transcripts containing a number of Libyans who said they bought their visas from an official within the Prime Minister’s Office, was presented.

The document which deals with the allegation of visa sales for the Schengen area by the Maltese Advisory in Tripoli and selling visas for medical reasons to a Libyan, was presented by Ivan Grech Mintoff from Alliance change.

This document is part of an ongoing civil case in court between the Whistleblower of these allegations and the Minister for Health.

Documents and a video were placed on the Alliance for Change’s website.

Under the agreement existing between Malta and Libya, medical visas are issued free of charge. However, according to the transcripts, it is alleged that some paid for them.

If these allegations are proven, approximately 88,000 visas for the Schengen area have been issued along with an unknown number of medical visas.

Grech Mintoff says he met with several witnesses who are ready to testify but are afraid of the repercussions that could follow, such as the revocation of their Maltese visa.

In Court there are currently the libel proceedings by Neville Gafa, an official in the Prime Minister’s Office, against David Lindsay, Editor of the Malta Independent on Sunday because of the articles published on the subject.

Khaled Ben Nasan, a Syrian holding a Libyan citizenship who lives Malta is trying to recover €36,675 allegedly paid to Neville Gafa to issue a medical visa which has never been issued.

Grech Mintoff also said that he has been approached by some who said they are from the Prime Minister’s Office who offered him any work and even money to silence him.

In another document, it came out clear that five other Libyans are willing to testify in the case. According to the same document, Police has not yet made contact with these people despite what they claimed.

The visa scandal was revealed by Times of Malta.

You can access the Report presented in Court by clicking this link.