October air temperature peaked at 30°C

sunset weather

The air temperature peaked at 30.4°C in October, the Malta International Airport’s Meteorological Office said on Friday afternoon.

Malta had just over 226 hours of sunshine in October with air temperatures hovering mostly around the 20°C mark.

The air temperature ranged between a low of 13.1°C and a high of 30.4°C recorded on the third day of the month. While the mean air temperature for October was 0.7°C lower than the norm of 21.5°C, the mean sea temperature surpassed the norm of 23.5°C by 1.1°C.

On average, there were 7.3 hours of sunshine a day, with the brightest day of the month registering up to 10.5 hours of sunshine.

On the dullest day which happened to be October 12, 0.2 hours of sunshine were recorded. That day 11mm of rainfall was recorded and it was one of four thundery days.

Total precipitation collected last October amounted to 24.8mm, which was significantly less than the 75.6mm expected at this time of year.

Throughout the month a mean wind speed of 8.7 knots was maintained, with a maximum gust of 34 knots blowing from a west by north direction recorded on 13 October.

Weekend weather outlook

The MIA meteorological office announced that thundery showers are forecast for the coming days and temperatures are expected range between 14°C and 19°C.

The weekend is expected to be rather windy, with force 4 to 5 winds from the southwest becoming force 3 from a southeasterly direction forecast for Saturday, and force 3 to 4 southeasterly winds forecast for Sunday.