OCC says sports organisations need ways to prevent abuse

One in five children in Europe are victims of sexual violence carried out by people they trust, the Office of the Commissioner for Children has said.

The OCC delivered the figure as part of this year’s European Day on the Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse, happening today.

The event, which was created by the Council of Europe, three years ago, is focusing on, “The protection of children against sexual abuse in sport”.

The OCC is stressing that Sports organisations need to implement Child Protection Policies within their structures and to take all the necessary measures to prevent such abuse and to offer protection for Children. They have also outlined the procedures for children disclosing to coaches/trainers or parents that they have been victims of this kind of abuse.

‘Children should, from an early age, be taught about what kind of behaviour can lead to abuse.’, they say.

The organisation say that they will be handing out copies of  ‘Kiko and the Hand’ a publication by the Council of Europe, which will be supplied to all children in primary schools. The story book for children also provides parents ways to engage in discussions with their children about acceptable and unacceptable behaviour.