Nursing aide admitted to Mt Carmel following argument with supervisor


A nursing aide at Mount Carmel was admitted as a patient for four days in the same ward she worked in at the hospital against her will following an argument with her supervisor according to the General Workers’ Union.

In a press conference, the GWU explained that an independent psychiatrist who was tasked with investigating the case, had found that the woman was in full control of her thought at the time of the argument. The nursing aide was kept in the same ward were she worked, under 24-hour observation and accompanied to the bathroom by her colleagues.

Jeremy Camilleri, the secretary for the public sector within the GWU said that the nursing aide was forced into signing a document for her being admitted in hospital after she allegedly had said that she would commit suicide. He also explained that the woman did not receive any treatment during her hospitalization. Camilleri explained that some weeks following the argument, the hospital’s administration called the nursing aide telling her they were worried she would hurt herself or others. It was then that she was informed that she would be admitted as a patient which according to the GWU, the hospital administration took the decision over the phone.

During a hearing which took place at the hospital, the administration had found the nursing aide at fault, however the hearing happened in her absence even though she informed them that she was out on sick leave.

The nursing aide is a mother and sole breadwinner in her family. The Union asked Health Minister Chris Fearne to intervene in the case. The Health Commissioner was also informed about the case. The General Workers’ Union remarked that it was not acceptable to admit the woman in the same ward she worked in, saying that an alternative solution should have been found. The authorities said that the woman was admitted voluntarily, something which she denied