Nurses union threatens industrial actions

MUMN calls for solution on meal allowance and SLPs Forms


Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Malta Union of Midwives and Nurses, MUMN, has announced the possibility of imminent industrial action. In a press statement, MUMN has also given an ultimatum, for the issues regarding meal allowances and the forms pertaining to speech-language pathologists to be addressed, to the Health Division, by the 21st February.

MUMN has warned that directives will be issued to all its members working in all government entities

SLPs and the Physiotherapy forms

MUMN has said that the health division is shifting all liabilities on the nursing profession. According to the union, the health division is expecting nurses to do one hourly supervisor during the day and 15-minute supervision during the night without any additional carers is expecting that the Charge Nurses to assume full responsibility on any consequences on the patients while all SLPs have no responsibility what so ever and can order any amount of supervision on the nursing profession they deem fit.

In its press statement, the MUMN has expressed its disappointment regarding a draft proposal that the health division has sent to MUMN which the union said goes against the nursing staff on the wards since it does not take into consideration lack of staff, break time and other staffing issues.

Meal Allowance

MUMN stated that although an agreement has been reached on the meal allowance, that had to commence on the 1st of January, the Health Division is still dragging its feet to commence the mechanism for the meal allowance. MUMN said that it is still unknown why this dragging of feet.

At the beginning of this year MUMN President Paul Pace said that nurses were facing unbearable workload. Things had escalated when forms issued by speech-language pathologists (SLPs) ordered patients to be assisted while they were eating.

At the time, Paul Pace had explained that when supervision is ordered for a patient, this would generally require complete attention by a carer or nurse. He said that although hospitals know this, many a time they fail to employ enough carers to meet the demand.

In January, MUMN President had stated that it is evident that authorities didn’t take the necessary action to safeguard nurses from legal repercussions created by the forms.