Nurses and midwives will not back down

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

In a news conference carried out by the Malta Nurses and Midwives Association at Mater Dei Hospital, representatives claimed that they will not surrender until their members acquire their rights.

They announced the new directives will come into force on July 5th. These measures come after the agreement reached between MUMN and the Government, when the latter leaved out four key points, despite lengthy discussions on these issues were made. These points are the nurses’ retirement age, the increase in allowances, and the proper consideration within the salary structure.

Among the new directives, workers must not use mobile phones or do any paperwork so they can focus on patient care, and not assist doctors in the outpatients area.

MUMN’s Secretary, Colin Galea, said that the shortage of 550 nurses goes back around 15 years.

He insisted that even if the Government carries out some change, MUMN will carry on fighting for the rights of its members.