Nurse accused of repeatedly raping woman


Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

A 36-year-old Pakistani nurse has been remanded in custody after he has been accused of raping a woman on various occasions on Sunday.

In Court, the defence lawyer argued that the case had not been investigated according to procedures. He also added that the Police tarnish names before their investigations. From its end the prosecution said that it is the defence lawyer who is tarnishing reputations without knowing he whole story.

The prosecution also said that it is taboo for a Pakistani to have sexual encounters if they are not married, to which the defence lawyer rebated that this might have been the mentality in a Pakistan of 70 years ago, but it is definitely not the case nowadays.

The prosecution added that the alleged victim had to go to a mental health professional to open up about being raped and its thanks to her psychiatrist that she found the courage to report the goings on to the authorities.

The defence asked for an embargo on the accused’ name as investigations were not according to procedures, because of the fact that he has children and to protect the victim herself. The Court did not accept the argument as no had legal basis.