Numbers are looking good says Prof Lauri

Prof Josef Lauri, mathematician, has expressed some optimism with regards to the statistics related to the COVID-19 pandemic in Malta. “With 19 new cases today the picture looks good, even better than what the time series model predicted. The epicurve seems to confirm the pattern of spikes separated by four consecutive lows. Tomorrow’s numbers will be added to today’s new column on the epicurve, but if the numbers are in the usual range it will still not reach yesterday’s peak. Fingers crossed that this is the beginning of another downward streak,” said Prof Lauri to

Epicurve for the 4th September 2020

Our next big test will be another opening of “crowd” scenarios. This time around the crowd activities will be essential, not capricious has had originally sparked the massive spike in the midst of summer. These mass activities will include mainly the opening of schools, University, MCAST, and other educational institutions. “Let’s hope that our numbers will be much smaller by then and that we can handle the situation well,” concluded Prof Lauri.