Number of MEPs to be reduced following the 2019 elections


The number of MEPs could be reduced from 751 to 750 by the next European elections, following Brexit.

This was announced in a statement by the European Parliament, where it was explained that this is done as the UK is leaving the European Union and thus seats are available for countries who may soon join the EU.

It was explained that a new distribution of seats has to be proposed.  This new distribution should be put in reserve 46 of the UK’s 73 seats after they are released as a result of Brexit.

It was also claimed that some of the 46 reserved seats can then be granted to the new countries which join the EU in the future or simply remain vacant to shrink the institution.

The other 27 seats could be distributed among 14 current member states who are not sufficiently represented. Malta is not among the countries singled out for more parliamentary seats.

The new composition of the European Parliament still has to be approved by member states leaders at the summit which will take place on between the 28-29th June.