NSO launches staff training programme

The National Statistics Office (NSO) has officially launched a training programme specifically tailored to the needs of the organisation to upgrade its skills capacity on Wednesday.

During the press launch the Chairman of the Malta Statistics Authority Prof. Albert Leone Ganado emphasised the need to improve both the technical and the soft skills of the staff to conform to the needs of the organisation.

The Malta Statistics Authority had applied for funds for this training programme towards the end of 2017 and the project was awarded in 2018.These funds which are dedicated to ESF.PA4.0077 A Development Training Programme for the NSO mount to over €350,000 which is co-funded through European Structural Funds (80%) and the National Funds (20%).

The training will include class-style approaches, on-job training and foreign exchange visits in collaboration with National Statistical Institutes within the European Statistical System. It is designed to reinforce the modernisation process being adopted by the NSO and provide a better skilled workforce able to continue to deliver official statistics to help support decision-making processes.