NSO has a new Director General

The Malta Statistics Authority has appointed Mr. Etienne Caruana as Director General of the National Statistics Office.

Mr Caruana, who has worked for NSO for the last 18 years, previously working in a number of roles across the statistical body.

As Manager in 2005, he oversaw Social Statistics which included everything from demography to gathering statistical data on Income and Living Conditions.

Four years later, he was elected as Director carrying out statistical investigation into the labour market, tourism, demography, migration, education and crosssectional regional statistics. Mr. Caruana also held responsibility for the Economic Statistics Directorate at this time.

Up until his recent promotion, Mr Caruana held the role of acting Director General from January 2018.

The new Director General is known for his connections with European and International bodies like the European Commission, the International Monetary Fund, the United Nations, and a number of fellow national statistical institutes around the world.