Now you can pay with your mobile phone with BOV Pay

Pay the easy way - simple, intelligent and mobile.

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The future of payments is here with BOV Pay, the latest technological innovation by Bank of Valletta that enables customers to make in-store payments with their mobile phone. This new way of paying means that customers no longer have to dig into their pockets for their cash or cards – they can simply pay with their smartphone or watch.

To start using this new method of payment, customers can simply download the BOV Pay app from the Google Play Store to their NFC enabled smartphone, then register and add one or more BOV Visa credit or debit cards. It is really that simple. At the store they just need to unlock their smartphone and tap it on the POS machine and payment is done.

Is it convenient?

Mobile payments do not require customers to enter a PIN since they are already authenticated when unlocking their phone. This effectively makes payments faster, greatly reducing waiting time. Payments can be made through various BOV Visa debit and credit cards simply by selecting a preferred card through the BOV Pay App itself.

Is it safe?

The mobile phone has to be ‘awake’ or unlocked to enable payments, so customers enjoy the same level of protection they have on their mobile phone.

“With card acceptance in retail outlets always on the increase, BOV Pay effectively eliminates the need to carry a wallet full of different BOV cards, as a digital wallet is created directly through the app,” said Franco Xuereb, Executive Head Electronic Banking at Bank of Valletta. “The mobile phone is an integral part of our lifestyle today, so adding payments on the device that many would not leave home without, is simply a natural progression.”

‘Owners of Garmin PayTM enabled Garmin Watches can also upload their BOV Visa cards through the Garmin ConnectTM  app and effect payments with their Garmin watch,’ continued Mr Xuereb. ‘We will also be launching this service on other major platforms shortly. Just remember to keep your phone and watch charged if going on a shopping spree!’

More information about this innovative and convenient method of payment can be obtained through the BOV website.

This content was supplied by Bank of Valletta