Nothing will change in PL – Delia

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Leader of Partit Nazzjonalista (PN) Adrian Delia has stated that both contestants running for Leader of Partit Laburista (PL) and Prime Minister are “more of the same”, and nothing will change within the Party.

This was said during an interview broadcasted live on PN’s radio channel.

Delia mentioned that both candidates are still supporting Joseph Muscat; one as a Member of Parliament, and the other as his lawyer. Asked about their credentials to lead Malta, Delia said that although in profession they are good, in politics they both represent continuity.

“Chris Fearne does not know what he is talking about when requesting that I (Delia) should be investigated,” remarked the Opposition Leader. He added that a PM cannot investigate due to separation of powers.

Business people are worried; Muscat circling the globe

Delia also talked about the political situation and said that business people are worried that everything which has been built will result in nothing. He insisted that with each passing moment, Malta’s reputation is becoming even more irrecoverable.

Regarding Prime Minister Joseph Muscat recent travels, Delia said that the Prime Minister who should be acting as a caretaker, is instead circling the globe in his last days in office.

New year’s resolution

Asked about his resolution for the new year, Delia said he hopes that Malta starts to recover from what happened in 2019.

He mentioned that it needs to be ensured that the PN reform follows through, “a change not only in statutory but also in attitude.” Delia explained that the change cannot be made by just the leader, but by everyone. The Party Leader said that criticism alone does not bring results, and therefore, there is a need for more people to strive towards a change in the party.

PN should further broaden and welcome people who can represent the same values and ideas, and lead it forward, Delia concluded.