“Nothing changed since the day Miriam Pace was killed” – Repubblika

Miguela Xuereb

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The anti-corruption NGO, Repubblika said that three months have passed since the day when Miriam Pace was killed inside her home, and up to now, nothing has been done to prevent others from suffering the same fate.

“All we have had are hollow speeches and committees which up to now have done nothing concrete”, said the NGO in a statement issued on Tuesday.

On Facebook the daughter of Miriam Pace, Ivana Portelli wrote that the country is returning to normality but what happened to her mother was not normal.

Il-pajjiz qed jerga' lura ghan-"normalita'" imma in-normalita' taghna spiccat 3 xhur ilu 💔Ma ninsewx dak li gara ghax dak li sar dakinhar ma kienx normali. ❤️🌺

Posted by Ivana Portelli on Tuesday, June 2, 2020

The NGO Repubblika reminded how when Miriam Pace died, the Prime Minister declared that he was angry and hurt and that he said he was going to set up a committee to make the necessary changes and that this committee would be working in urgency.

Unfortunately, nothing has changed and nothing has happened, said the NGO that has also suggested to Prime Minister Robert Abela to ensure that people’s lives are protected instead forgiving fines to those who endangered others by breaking a law he himself had made.

Repubblika said it hopes that there are no interests of people who carry weight lurking behind the lack of action in taking the necessary steps to ensure that no one else dies and no other houses crumble.