Domino effect in Air Malta flight delays

FILE PHOTO: Alison Galea Valletta / Air Malta

Five Air Malta flights were delayed following a domino effect caused by the delay in the Munich flight Friday morning. The Munich flight was delayed because the crew had exceeded the number of hours they could operate in the air. The Munich flight was delayed by 4h while other flights are expecting the following delays:

  • KM466 – to Paris (Orly) – 1h 30m delay
  • KM106 – to London (Heathrow) – 1h 40m delay
  • KM328 – to Frankfurt – 1h 30m delay
  • KM512 – to Vienna – 1h 15m delay
  • KM102 – to London (Heathrow) – 1h 25m delay


The Air Malta flight to Munich which was due to take off this morning was delayed by more than four hours after its flight crew, which was meant to operate this flight, exceeded the number of hours they could operate in the air.

The flight was supposed to take off at 8.45am but left at 12.49pm.

A passenger told that once they arrived at their flight gate, they were informed that their flight was to be delayed by 45 minutes.  She said that they did not react since this is quite normal in these kind of flights.

She expressed her frustration after once they boarded the plane and all the safety procedures were completed, the crew informed the passengers that the flight could not take off due to the limitations in the number of hours the crew could operate for.  She said that the crew told them that if they had taken off, they would be doing so illegally.

An Air Malta spokesperson confirmed that the flight was delayed due to the Flight Time Limitations.  He explained that delays occurred after several technical difficulties in another flight from Catania, which meant that the flight crew which was supposed to operate the flight to Munich could not do so accordingly.

After being asked by, to confirm if the crew is currently working in a full roster, the spokesperson confirmed that since this is the busiest period of the year, flight crews are working very long hours.

It is not ruled out that further Air Malta flights could be delayed after the two delays which took place this morning.