North Macedonia’s EU membership discussed during bilateral meeting

DOI - Jason Borg

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

North Macedonia’s bid to join the European Union was discussed during a bilateral meeting held between Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and North Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev in New York.

In a statement the government said that Muscat reiterated Malta’s support to the North Macedonian request, especially after the country made several reforms in order to become eligible.

Early this year the country changed its name, resolving a naming dispute with Greece. North Macedonia also signed a friendship pact with Bulgaria.

Some EU member states such as France and the Netherlands are more cautious about admitting new members into the bloc quickly.

Germany’s ruling parties have agreed to give green light to accession negotiations, Deutsche Welle reported on Wednesday, with an official decision expected on Thursday.

The final decision on opening EU accession negotiations with North Macedonia is in the hands of EU leaders and is expected at a summit scheduled for 17 and 18 October this year.

Leaders of other EU member states have already expressed their support for the North Macedonian accession bid during the UN General Assembly meeting.

Foreign Affairs Minister Carmelo Abela accompanied the Prime Minister during the meeting.