“Educators are doing amazing deeds” – #EverydayHeroes

Newsbook is giving you the opportunity to thank your #EverydayHeroes

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The frontline anti-coronavirus fighters are mostly ordinary people, who perhaps don’t even consider themselves as heroes. Every day they put their comfort aside to risk helping others in the community. Their efforts and sacrifices are making a big positive difference to the lives of the rest of us. Most would probably describe their efforts as ordinary fulfilment of duty. But in actual fact, their efforts make an extraordinary contribution to the whole community. 

During this unprecedented pandemic brought by Covid-19, all of them deserve a shout out. Included among those fulfilling their frontline duties one finds: doctors, nurses, carers, all hospital workers, police officers, public health officials, CPD members, AFM soldiers, NGOs, supermarket workers, those preparing and distributing meals, those answering helplines… The list goes on and on. We also want to praise the unsung heroes providing our electricity everyday, our farmers, our bakers, our road cleaners, our bus drivers, our parents. You name it. Nominate your everyday hero.

You surely can add to the list.

You surely know someone who deserves a ‘thank you’ from the rest of us.

Now Newsbook.com.mt is giving you the opportunity to show them gratitude while at the same time encourage others to do the same. #EverydayHeroes 

Nominating them is simple and easy.

  • Send us their name, surname and job title
  • Describe them briefly and tell us why you think they are heroes.
  • Send us a photo of them whilst at work or a video message.
  • Give us their Facebook profile link, so we’ll be able to tag them

Send a private message to our Facebook Page or send an email to hero@newsbook.com.mt. Newsbook.com.mt and 103 Malta’s Heart will do the rest.

We will post these photos with a narrative of the hero’s story with the hashtag #EverydayHeroes on the photo. 

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