Government failed to announce special incentives for Gozo businesses – PN

Miguela Xuereb

The financial measures aimed at helping businesses recover after the coronavirus pandemic did not include any special incentives designed at assisting Gozo’s businesses, Partit Nazzjonalista said in a statement on Thursday afternoon.

In a statement signed by Opposition spokesperson for Gozo Chris Said and Opposition spokesperson for sustainable development Kevin Cutajar, Partit Nazzjonalista remarked that despite mentioning Gozo’s double insularity and acknowledging that Gozo’s economy is heavily dependent on tourism, the government failed in announcing measures which would assist the businesses on the sister island which have been heavily affected by the pandemic.

This has been confirmed by Malta Enterprise representatives during a Standing Committee on Gozo Affairs meeting. The Opposition said that the Government had acknowledged that extra incentives aimed at financially assisting Gozo businesses however failed to address the situation. Partit Nazzjonalista noted that the wage supplement had been decreased however, hotels and other establishments remained empty. The diving sector was also badly hit.

The Gozitan Opposition MPs called on the Government to consider financial measures which are specifically designed to help the local economy in Gozo, ensuring that jobs are safeguarded.