No sign of investigation into who owns Egrant

Egrant Inc. report

In a statement, the Police said that it is investigating, among others, the relationship between Keith Schembri and Brian Tonna, Adrian Hillman, Pilatus Bank as well as the connection between 17 Black and Hearnville Inc. with Tillgate Inc which were the secret companies belonging to Keith Schembri and the Ex-Minister Konrad Mizzi.

 “It is imperative to uncover who Egrant belongs to

But in the same statement, the Police did not mention anything about any investigations related to uncovering the owner of Egrant. The inquiry requested by the Prime Minister was solely aimed at examining if the company belongs to the Muscat family. It did not request the identification of its owner.

Observers who spoke with said that without an iota of doubt, the investigation of this matter by the Police should have been initiated long ago. The public interest in this matter is the main reason for this urgent need. Even more so, this is an imminent need in view of the many links being found between authoritative figures in the Office of the Prime Minister and criminals. also noted that in the statement by the Police, there is no statement related to an actual investigation to find out who forged the signature of – Michelle Muscat on the declaration about the Egrant company.

“It is extremely important to unearth who Egrant belongs to”, the same sources said, as they also added that “getting to know who forged Michelle Muscat’s signature is imperative.”

The investigations are still underway

In its statement, the police said that the full report of the Egrant Inquiry was referred to the Police Force by the Office of the Attorney General on the exact same day that the Inquiry was passed on the Inquiring Magistrate to the Attorney General. The Police said that has started examining the report immediately. The Police statement said that recommendations and conclusions are still being actively investigated by the Police itself or else with the other Inquiring Magistrates; otherwise, with other competent authorities.

There are other recommendations that are being investigated by the Police itself with other agencies or authorities. The Police Force has already communicated with a number of persons about these pending investigations.

The Police said that it would like to give more details about the work that it is carrying out but that it is wiser not to do so given that such details might cause a detriment to the other pending investigations. Another reason is that the Maltese Police is legally bound against revealing certain details.