No risk of Covid-19 from mental health treatment, commissioner assures

mental health

Fewer people appear to seek treatment of mental disorders for themselves or their loved ones in recent weeks, prompting the Commissioner for Mental Health to assure that there was no risk of a Covid-19 infection if they did so.

In a statement, the office of the commissioner noted that involuntary admissions under the Mental Health Act in the first 50 days of the pandemic emergency fell by 15% when compared to the same period in 2019. During the period, 144 admissions of 102 different patients – including 3 minors – were processed.

The office noted that there has been a reorganisation of service provision in mental health facilities, including safe quarantine areas and measures to reduce exposure to Covid-19 of staff, patients, and residents, including voluntary lockdown by staff.

“It is important to put everyone’s mind at rest that measures are in place for the safe treatment of mental disorders without fear of being infected by the Covid-19 virus,” the office said.

“Undue delay in seeking help can have a serious negative impact on personal health and wellbeing.”

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