No permits have been issued for Quarry Wharf – Police

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Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Police has confirmed that no permits for the loading or unloading of containers at Quarry Wharf have been issued in the recent past.

They also explained that the Valletta Police Station did not have any record of such a permit being issued. It is to be noted that it is against the law to park a container in the street without prior permission.

This transpired in the replies to questions that had sent to the Police following a road incident in the Quarry Wharf last  July.

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Back at the time of the incident, the Police has explained that containers are allowed to load and unload at Quarry Wharf as long as they have a permit.

They also stated that there is only one record of a  similar incident over the past six years recorded.

Meanwhile, Valletta mayor Alfred Żammit had commented that he is aware of five different incidents in the past five years.

He also added that all those involved got away with minor consequences.
Notwithstanding, he had asked Transport Malta to rectify the situation, as a tragedy could happen at any time.

Transport Malta had never replied to questions sent on the issue from