No one charged with illegally dumping construction waste in Ta’ Qali – Callus

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Opposition MP Ryan Callus observed that no one has been charged in connection to the illegal dumping of construction waste in Ta’ Qali. had revealed that construction waste was illegal dumped Ta’ Qali on a very large area roughly 10,000 sq. m equivalent to 10 tumoli of land in December 2018.

An orgy of massive illegal dumping at Ta’ Qali

The Nationalist MP was addressing the House during a debate on a draft amendment to the Eco-Contribution Act on Wednesday.

The Planning Authority had cleared the site in January after had broken the story.

Following the investigation by, the Planning Authority cleared the area, while the government subsequently announced that the area will be turned into green area. The €20 millon upgrade, will see the area nearly doubling its open space from 270,000sq.m. to 450,000sq.m.

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