No more chiefs of staff – Fearne

Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne said that if he is elected to the leadership post, he will remove the position of Chief of Staff from the Office of the Prime Minister. In an interview on One Radio, Fearne said that the OPM cannot have two centres of power. He added that while he would see to it that there would be a sufficient number of advisors, there will not be a chief of staff and the decisions will be taken by the Prime Minister and cabinet together with experts. He said that he would not want to see a concentration of power in one pair of hands as this could go horribly wrong, as has been shown to have happened.

On Saturday, Fearne spoke of the ten points which he would be focussing upon if he is made the leader of the party and Prime Minister. He said that

  • he will be working on governance and the rule of law
  • build on the success of the previous years
  • prioritise the environment
  • give the party a social conscience
  • work on immigration and foreign labour
  • housing
  • transport
  • strengthen Malta’s position in Europe
  • improve the quality of life
  • reform the Partit Laburista.